In the Public Eye

Orphan disorders like Sanfilippo Syndrome are often neglected in the media. Raising awareness of Sanfilippo Syndrome and why funding for research is so important is paramount to the mission of Ben's Dream.

The April 6th episode of the popular NBC drama "ER" featured a storyline about a little girl afflicted with Sanfilippo Syndrome. The episode, named "Viable Options", created invaluable awareness of
the disease and spawned feature stories about local families at NBC affiliates and newspapers across the country.

One segment, "Hope for a Cure", appeared on WHDH-TV in Boston. It introduced Benjamin and highlighted the efforts of his parents, Stuart and Jennifer, on behalf of the Foundation.

As a result of this exposure the Siedman family received numerous calls offering help and donations. Most importantly, one call came from a local family who, because of the segment, were to later learn their child had Sanfilippo Syndrome after years of misdiagnosis.

Local newspapers have also followed Ben's progress and highlighted the Siedman's efforts.