Sanfilippo Research Foundation

Ben's Dream - the Sanfilippo Research Foundation, Inc. is a public 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was formed in celebration of Ben's 5th birthday. Its mission is to raise awareness of Sanfilippo Syndrome and sponsor research toward a cure.

Its board of directors consists of Jennifer Siedman, President and Secretary; Stuart Siedman, Vice President and Treasurer; and Howard Carpenter, Jr., Assistant Secretary. Its Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) consists of medical clinicians, scientific researchers, business advisors and lay Sanfilippo family members.

Jennifer and Stuart made the decision to form Ben's Dream after working cooperatively for two years with the Children's Medical Research Foundation (CMRF), another afflicted family's foundation in Illinois.

In January 2000 Stuart applied for and was granted a one year leave of absence from Xerox Corporation as part of the company's Social Service Leave program to expand CMRF's fundraising efforts. Believed to be the oldest program of its kind in American business, the leave afforded Stuart the opportunity to develop programs, raise funds and build the framework for Ben's Dream.

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